The same for less: a freestanding bathtub

The same for less: a freestanding bathtub

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What a joy to be able to lounge for hours in the bathroom! To do this, the essential accessory is undoubtedly the bathtub which offers us incomparable moments of relaxation. If the trend of the moment is the island model, it quickly increases the bill! The proof with our favorite of the week unearthed at Badeloft… Asymmetric freestanding baths, better known as "egg baths", differ from traditional models by their original shape. Very elegant, but also somewhat extravagant, they take place in the center of the room for a surprising result. Do you want to buy but the price is blocking you? Do not panic, we have thought of everything! If like us, you fell for the pretty bathtub imagined by Badeloft, know that there is a model that looks very similar to it for less than 1000 euros at Leroy Merlin. Do not wait any longer, succumb!

The BW-01-L freestanding bathtub at Badeloft at € 2,290 - The asymmetric Stori freestanding bathtub at Leroy Merlin at € 990


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