In drawing: origami little Santa Claus for your Christmas labels

In drawing: origami little Santa Claus for your Christmas labels

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Origami Santa Claus to decorate or as gift tags!

To have fun (and why not organize a workshop with the children to keep them occupied and channel them a bit during the end of year holidays!) While carrying out a Christmas decoration with only pieces of paper, the christmas origami are perfect. In addition, these little origami santa claus are multi-tasking: you can associate them with small paper trees for a table decoration for example, but they will also be perfect hanging on your tree, or stuck on a small card as labels to attach to your gifts. Christmas… In short, you will always find a place for them during the holiday season!

Origami Santa Claus: the necessary equipment

To make yourself a origami santa claus, provide only 2 small squares of 5 x 5 cm (or more, it all depends on the size of the origami you want to get!) cut from two-tone paper (preferably a white side and a red one) and glue, that's all.

Origami Santa Claus: instructions for use

1. Take a sheet of two-color paper, the red side facing you (the white side will therefore be the back). To make the hat of the future Santa Claus in origami, fold 2 consecutive borders on approximately 5 mm, then the corner which is opposite.
2. Turn the two-tone sheet of paper over (the white side becomes the front, the red side the back), hold it like a diamond, then fold down the 2 sides so as to create Santa's hat.
3. Turn the leaf over again, then fold the top of the red triangle down (for the "falling" side of the hat, as well as the bottom of the white triangle up. The origami head of Santa Claus is ready: if you want, you can draw her eyes, stick a little cotton goatee on her, or do whatever you want to personalize her as you see fit.
4. It's time to move on to paper Santa's body. To do this, take the second two-color sheet of paper you have, always with the red side facing you, in "square" mode.
5. Fold the 2 top and bottom borders back on themselves, for about 5 mm, then turn the sheet of paper over (so that the white side is facing you).
6. Fold the sheet in half so that you can see the median using the fold, then reopen it.
7. Now fold down the 2 sides of the sheet along the median, using the fold previously obtained.
8. You now have in front of you a red rectangle with white borders at the top and bottom. Mentally draw 2 lines from the center of the rectangle to the upper left and right corners, then fold them down.
9. Now fold the top third of the sheet down: your origami Santa's body is done!
10. Paste Santa's head and body now, and you're done!