The most original tea infusers

The most original tea infusers

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To warm up on very cold days, we strongly appreciate a good cup of steaming tea. Especially if the latter is accompanied by an infuser with an original design! Little funny fish, colorful submarine, amphibious green plant, play the singularity card at tea time! Notice to all infusion lovers! Bring a note of originality to your favorite moment of the day by adopting an original infuser. Often presented in its traditional version in the form of a ball, tongs or spoon, this culinary object which contains the tea leaves during the infusion takes today the appearance of funny characters or objects to brighten up each of your tastings . If you are looking for a unique gift for the holidays, you are sure to make a splash!
1. The green plant tea infuser La Chaise Longue, € 9.41 at La Fnac / 2. The Submarine tea infuser, € 10.90 at La Geekerie / 3. The Goldfish infuser € at Bird on the wire / 4. The Fred tea infuser, € 10.39 at Amazon / 5. The Robo-tea infuser, € 11 at Bird on the wire / 6. The manatee tea infuser, 10 , € 90 at Amazon / 7. The Umbrella infuser, € 11.50 at Bird on the wire / 8. The tea diver, € 12.50 at PA Design


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