How to fight against snails and slugs in the garden?

How to fight against snails and slugs in the garden?

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Slugs and snails have the annoying habit of shaving everything in their path: at least on the plant level, whether in the vegetable patch or in flower beds. Many efforts to beautify a garden are therefore nullified because of an army of gastropods. We wanted to know from Charly de Jardiland how to get rid of snails and slugs while respecting nature.

Is it possible to eliminate snails and slugs from the garden without using toxic products?

It is possible and it is the most respectful of attitudes. And to avoid having to eliminate snails and slugs, the ideal is not to attract them. This will preserve the vegetable and pleasure gardens of the many plants that these invertebrates are fond of: young Zucchini, Strawberry, Lettuce, Dahlia, Primrose and many others. But it is very useful to know that slugs and snails hate Mint, Fennel or Geranium.

Are slug baits useless?

Indeed. Slug bait is not enough to trap all the specimens that live in a garden. Worse: they make it possible to attract even more slugs, creating a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out. So it is not a good solution to get rid of slugs and snails.

Are there slug and snail barriers for beds?

It is indeed more useful to set up a barrier with snails and slugs than using bait. This natural barrier makes it possible to protect, for example, all new plants planted in the vegetable garden, but also in borders, beds, rock gardens, pots and planters. The idea is therefore to make it difficult to move these terrestrial molluscs. Do not hesitate to use a protective ring to place around the young plants or spread sawdust or wood ash on the ground.

How to create a slug and snail barrier around a large vegetable garden?

If you have a large vegetable garden, it is strongly recommended to protect it from snails and slugs. Do not hesitate to seed its entire periphery with a strip of grass at least 3 or 4 meters wide. This barrier can be difficult to cross because the grass absorbs the mucus that these animals secrete and which is essential for them to move. The only solution will be for the snails and slugs to turn around. Corrugated iron is also effective, but it is much less decorative than a pretty green space!

Watering tends to favor the invasion of snails and slugs in the garden. However, it is impossible to deprive plants. What do you recommend?

If possible, water the base of the plants with a watering can rather than your entire garden with a water jet. Slugs and snails hate drought. You must have noticed that after the slightest drizzle, an army of slugs and snails invades massive and vegetable gardens. When the use of the jet is essential as for watering the new lawn for example, we will choose early in the morning and we will prefer a generous watering.


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