Anza, the concrete coffee maker

Anza, the concrete coffee maker

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2015 will be under the sign of design or will not be! To mark the start of the year, which promises to be exceptional in terms of creativity, Anza signs a master stroke with its first chic and masculine coffee machine. Imagined by designer Per Ivar Selvaag in collaboration with the Montaag studio, it comes in two models that will delight espresso lovers.

Molten materials

After having been considered a popular drink for a long time, coffee has now regained its acclaim by becoming a gourmet and sought-after product. Consumers are increasingly demanding in terms of quality and flavor: as proof, sales of espresso machines are literally exploding! It is in this context that Anza launches its first percolator with a unique and innovative design. In order to stand out from its counterparts, the American publishing house has opted for luxury in all its forms: noble materials stand out, and blend harmoniously with the raw character of concrete. Two versions are available: one in corian, teak and brass, the other in concrete, porcelain and quartz. The result is up to the job, and the machine becomes a decorative element in its own right in the kitchen!

How to choose a good coffee?

It is as important to have a coffee rich in flavor as a high-performance coffee maker. Today, conventional machines require fine-ground coffee so that hot water can extract the aromas contained in each molecule. Regarding the taste, everyone likes it in their own way and it is rather difficult to determine what will be a "good" coffee: the body, the acidity, the bitterness and the balance play an important role in the choice of the product. . Certain varieties of coffee, however, remain safe values, such as 100% Arabica from Brazil, Kenya or even Medellin Supremo from Colombia.
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