Pando: after the hoods, the ovens

Pando: after the hoods, the ovens

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Leading Spanish manufacturer in the range of hoods, Pando now offers a range of design and technological ovens that integrate the most efficient kitchens. Indeed, the brand has designed ovens that complement each other. It is therefore possible to buy two ovens at the same time (oven and microwave). Their design allows them to be placed side by side or in a column to optimize the space as much as possible. Presentation.

Other types of oven

For his new collection, Pando has imagined 4 types of oven, all more functional and intelligent! The PHB 9100 multifunction oven is both design and practical! It has five cooking heights, three door panes to prevent burns and a digital display with a programmer. The second, the PHT 9200 multifunction oven, has a telescopic slide system which facilitates the handling of the trays. It offers you an automatic temperature and duration proposal and a triple digital display screen. Last important point: it has the Steam Cleaning system which facilitates cleaning. Another last born from Pando, the PHM 9500 microwave oven, can be built into a wall because it has a side door opening. It also offers the grill and automatic defrost function. Finally, the PHV 9400 steam oven therefore works with steam to cook all food healthily and has a light indicator in case of lack of water in the oven. Smart!

A revolution to clean your ovens

Pando also innovates by developing a cleaning system (Steam Cleaning System) which cleans your oven in just 30 minutes at 60 ° C. You pour a glass of water inside the oven when it is cold, then the Steam Cleaning function allows the water to evaporate and then to condense to loosen the dirt. You then wipe with a sponge and voila.
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