MEG, the design and connected pot

MEG, the design and connected pot

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Contemporary, bright, customizable at will and above all interactive, the new MEG pot is the new ally of all those who do not have a green thumb. Thanks to a smartphone application and a series of sensors, you can anticipate, identify and meet all the needs of your plants. Explanations.

Who is behind MEG?

Founded in 2013 by Raphaëlle Seyfried and Franz Ezin, MEG is a startup resulting from a synergy between design, the Internet of objects and of course the love of plants. After imagining several objects to facilitate the maintenance of plants, MEG launched its smartphone application which offers, among other things, an electronic watering system thanks to the wifi integrated in a smart and design pot.

How it works ?

MEG takes care of the most delicate stage of a plant's life cycle: watering. Thanks to analysis sensors placed in the pot and an intelligent 4-liter reserve, your plant benefits from the right volume of water at the right time. Connected, the pot communicates with you on the needs of the plant thanks to updated graphics that inform you about its activity. A smartphone alert system even accompanies you in its maintenance! You now know when the latter lacks light, water, fertilizer and when to bring it inside because of the risk of frost. The plus: designed in a minimalist spirit, the MEG pot has the advantage of being luminous and of offering an infinite range of shades that can be personalized at will.
Price : 199 euros On sale at // and in Lick stores