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. The Cat's Home HL 100 is a revolutionary self-cleaning tray, which will facilitate your daily life and the well-being of your cat. The Cat's home is, the exchange of the litter and the storage of the excrement of your cat for the duration of 5 days, as well as the cleaning and the disinfection of the tray by disinfectant. It performs its cleaning automatically according to the passage of your cat, and according to your setting. Storage of soiled litter without odors for 5 days. Guaranteed economy. Aesthetic. (custom made possible) HL inno.


. ZOOPLUS - N ° 1 online pet store in Europe. The biggest brands at the best price The cat trees, baskets and cat toys chosen by the D&CO team for this show are among the hundreds of products offered by the cat shop on the site. offers more than 8000 products for: - dog : kibbles and boxes, accessories, treats, niches, cages, leashes and collars, pest control, toys, food supplements ... - cat: dry food, boxes and sachets, litter and toilet houses, cat trees and scratching posts, toys, transport cages… - bird : cages, accessories, food and treats… - fish: aquarium and technical equipment, filters and pumps, food… - rodent and ferret: food, litter, cages and accessories… - horse: food and care… Zooplus offers a huge choice at favorable prices all year round, plus the convenience of home delivery. From the biggest brands to the most specialized products, the online pet store offers everything that animals may need. ZOOPLUS.FR ONLINE PETS


. - White lampshade (ref 93114/93122/93139) - Square wall light Cérusée (ref 91681) SEMA Design www.semadesign- info @ semadesign- 05 34 60 86 68 19 chemin de la Garonne - 31200 Toulouse


. Class 3 treated wood cat enclosure. Contains 3 hexagons: - a large central with door - a climbing tower with polycarbonate roof - a shelter (connected to the room of cats by a screened tunnel) which includes 2 chattieres and 3 portholes plexiglass. Its roof is covered with bituminous shingles. Its door is in two leaves The whole rests on a treated chassis and leveling pads ZOOLOGIS enclosures & catteries Contact details: // Mail [email protected]