What to do in the garden in the event of hail?

What to do in the garden in the event of hail?

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Even if the hailstorms are often short-lived, they can leave the gardener annoyed by the damage to the vegetation. Trees, ornamental shrubs, fruit trees, vegetables and flowering plants unfortunately leave a few feathers. Charly de Jardiland reassures us: all is not lost. It is possible to save the bulk of the crop of fruit and vegetables to come as well as the border and massive flowering plants.

What to do when hail has devastated fruit trees?

If in appearance the orchard takes on the appearance of a lunar landscape after a hailstorm, the fruit trees can still be restored. You must quickly arm yourself with a branch cutter and pruning shears to cut branches, stems and twigs that have been broken. Please always use perfectly disinfected cutting tools to avoid any risk of plant contamination. Inspect the branches to be preserved and heal any injury with pine tar sold in specialized stores. If there are already fruits, remove all those that have been damaged by hail.

Can hail cause plants to rot?

It is indeed a risk. This is the reason why it is essential - after repairing the breakage - to treat plants with Bordeaux mixture. It will act as a protector against mold. The vegetation should catch its breath away from the fungus, because the Bordeaux mixture acts as a natural shield.

After the hail, the massifs seem to have been trampled. Isn't everything ruined?

There is always loss in the ornamental garden after a shower of hailstones. But we can fortunately save a good number of perennial plants like the Peony shrub, all Rudbeckia or even Nasturtium tuberose and all dahlias. The large family of begonias, the stems of which break like glass, also suffer greatly from a shower of hail. The first obligatory step is to eliminate what is broken or damaged. Then remains to try to keep a few buds that will allow each plant to be reborn to life.

A violent hailstorm hardens the soil of the beds and the vegetable garden. What could be done to fix it ?

Immediately after a shower of hail, injured plants must be treated. The soil in the garden must dry before it can be restored to its original appearance. It will then suffice to intervene on what is called the crust of battance, that is to say this hard film of dry earth. The only solution is careful hoeing to loosen the soil. The roots will be able to breathe again at the same time.

When hail has devastated the vegetable garden, is there still something to do to save the summer harvest?

Tomatoes, eggplants, salads as well as zucchini and many other summer products from the vegetable garden must mostly be replaced. It is therefore necessary to start sowing again if the season is not too late or buy a plant ... wishing that the greenhouses of local producers were not also ravaged by hail. Finally think that a hailstorm can announce heavy morning frosts for the days to come. Immediately put frost-free plants away from the cold.