I tested for you: the Nilfisk window cleaner

I tested for you: the Nilfisk window cleaner

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Cleaning the windows is a household task that I keep pushing away. In addition to being particularly long and tedious, it is always difficult for me to overcome the many unsightly traces left by the rag and the squeegee. After trying the classic method, grandmother's recipes and the various tutorials found on the Internet, I admit that I was rather disappointed with the result. So I jumped at the opportunity to try the new window cleaner launched by the Danish brand Nilfisk, specializing in the design of household vacuum cleaners and high pressure cleaners. The latter has just added to its catalog an intelligent and economical window cleaner called SMART, the first of its kind on the market. Windows, wall tiles ... nothing can resist it! Demonstration.

Assemble the different parts

First step before cleaning, assemble the multiple parts of the Smart. This is in fact packaged in separate parts, which should be fixed to each other in order to mount the vaporizer on one side and the cleaner on the other. No need to be an experienced handyman, everything clips and fits except two screws to fix yourself (no panic, the key is provided with the device!).

Charge the Smart

Before the first use, the cleaner must be charged for about 2 hours, until the LED on the back of the appliance lights up green. The latter constantly indicates the level of charge of the battery, for more serenity during its use. Once charged, the Smart has an autonomy of 25 minutes at constant power thanks to its long-lasting lithium battery.

Integrate the detergent

Once the vaporizer is mounted, add detergent to it and add water. Nilfisk offers a sample to test the device on first use, but a conventional detergent is just as well. Perfectly complete, the window cleaner is supplied with a fine rubber squeegee, allowing efficient suction in every corner, a free-hand clip allowing the vaporizer or the cleaner to be clipped on a belt or pants as required (which s also used as a wall support for easy storage) and a spray bottle fitted with a wipe. Everything is ready, you can start cleaning!

Cleaning your windows in 3 steps

The work is done in three stages: spraying the detergent solution, cleaning with the wipe and suction with the cleaner. The latter requires a few minutes of manipulation before it can be used wisely. Its weight can be a little imposing in the long term if the use is prolonged, but its ultra efficient suction remains in my opinion the real "plus" of the product. What a comfort to be able to wash your tiles without the eternal drips of the glass product on the walls! It must be admitted that the result is impeccable, and the work much faster than with a manual squeegee.
The Nilfisk Smart is available in different colors: white, blue, red, gray and green. It is sold from 65.90 euros including tax in specialized distribution.