Small prices for the special mardi gras table decoration!

Small prices for the special mardi gras table decoration!

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Foot of nose with the greyness which rages outside, mardi gras is full of colors, disguises and good mood! A carnival atmosphere that is served at the table to delight toddlers like the older ones. If you are looking for accessories at very soft prices and with a festive atmosphere, offer you its shopping list! To celebrate Mardi Gras around a meal or simply to present a few delicacies, the magic formula consists of mixing the prints. Put away your plain tablecloth, and open the door wide to placemats daring to mix and match all colors! Vichy tiles, multicolored stripes, bright red dots, chick yellow stars ... do not hesitate to mix them on the table for more originality. The idea? See life in multicolor to get a bright, cheerful and light patchwork! Plates, glasses and cutlery are not left out! We choose models covered with triangles, polka dots, squares… all the geometric prints are festive in colors more cheerful than each other. As for the cutlery, we recommend those in very festive glitter plastic or those in stripes full of pep. After choosing the tablecloth and the dishes, the decoration of party accessories remains to be completed. For example, use playful masks as place cards, balloons in the center of the table and above all remember to sprinkle the table with beautiful handles of colorful confetti!
1. The set of 10 Théa cardboard cups, € 1.25 at Alinéa / 2. The multicolored confetti bag, € 0.79 at VegaooParty / 3. The 5 pastel striped placemats, € 3.95 at Sweetybox / 4. The pack of 8 plastic cardboard plates, € 4.11 at Monoprix / 5. The wolf carnival mask in feathers, € 1.29 at FestiFun / 6. The 10 small wooden spoons with multicolored stripes, € 7 at My Little Day / 7. The 5 star placemats, € 3.95 at Sweetybox / 8. The 24 gold glitter plastic cutlery, € 6 at My Little Day / 9. The 8 cardboard plates with purple knots, € 4.50 at My Little Day


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