Before / after: Open up the kitchen to light it up

Before / after: Open up the kitchen to light it up

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Radical metamorphosis or simple refreshment, to be successful, the layout and decoration of a kitchen must be like its owner. At a time when the decompartmentalization between the kitchen and the living room is considered a condition for family well-being, Elodie Ancona, Interior designer, decorator and creator of La maison et ses envies delivers us through the renovation of her kitchen , his ideas to open up this space and make it brighter. Demonstration in pictures!

Decompartmentalize a poorly designed kitchen

Before: Damaged walls, mismatched floors, a room devoid of charm, impractical due to the many openings and a narrow space ... This cold and soulless kitchen would need a complete refresh. After: Redoing everything is good, proof with this kitchen that has become trendy and modern. To meet the architect's wishes, the space was opened to the living room and a central island, inspired by American kitchens, was installed in the center of the room. It occupies both the dining table and the worktop for cooking. Suspended lights are placed above this table to slightly mark the perception of a kitchen space. As a result, the space is airy and regains the brightness it once lacked.

An open but structured space

Before: Not very practical and functional, the space of the living room and the kitchen did not benefit from an operational layout. The objective? Knock down some of the partitions to enlarge the spaces and create an articulation between the kitchen and the living room. After: Open plan, a living room and a dining room, arranged on each side now communicates with the kitchen. A bright space that mixes modern design and vintage pieces. Each space is structured by a precise arrangement of the furniture which traces territories, without separating them from each other. A pleasant and very comfortable configuration which allows you to take full advantage of the natural light diffused by the various windows. Volume, light, a radical change which gives new generosity to this cuisine.

Modernize the kitchen and make it trendy

Before: Old-fashioned and somewhat old-fashioned, this rustic-inspired kitchen needed a little facelift as the decoration seemed out of fashion. After: With its contemporary lines, black lacquered furniture and white worktop, the kitchen now displays a modern, elegant style and a touch of vintage. The tiles have been replaced with warm parquet. For the wall splashback, the choice fell on a vintage turquoise model, very vitamin, which allows to bring a nice touch of color. A section of the stone wall finally brings a cocoon and warm side that one is entitled to expect in this living room. Elodie Ancona, Interior Architect and decorator The House and its desires