DIY: customized tea bags

DIY: customized tea bags

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Here is a really perfect DIY idea to make a small home made gift, as long as you are certain that the person who will receive the present likes tea! Small custom tea bags are easy to make. You will appreciate the heart shapes for a Valentine's Day, a Mother's Day (for fathers or grandmothers), for a birthday present for your sweetheart or even to give to newlyweds; but you can just as easily vary the forms and the pleasures according to your tastes and the occasions which will present themselves to you. In short, it's up to you to create! Here is what you need to make these customized tea bags: - coffee filters - sewing thread and needle - loose tea - enough to draw and cut - cardboard - masking tape (optional) Last little idea, to store your little tea bags, think of origami folds! I am thinking in particular of that of the girl clutch. Available in small format with pretty paper, voila!
DIY inspired by the achievements of Maman Taupe and My little Fabric. Our practical tableware videos


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