Which office plants to choose and how to maintain them?

Which office plants to choose and how to maintain them?

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For our interior, we naturally opt for plants to harmonize the places and bring a touch of well-being. Why not do the same in the office? Having plants in the office is good for your health, your morale and your productivity. Moreover, many companies opt for greenery on their premises and more particularly in the common areas. It's up to you to do the same in your office. Which plants to choose? To find out, we went to Vilmorin where Julie answered our questions.

Can we take any plant from the office?

Yes and no. All the plants can find their place in your office but some of them will live shorter because they need special care. It is imperative to choose the right plant to optimize its lifespan. To do this, you need to have some information at hand at the time of your choice: is your office bright? Do you have a water point nearby? Will the plants stay in the dark all weekend?

What plants do you recommend?

For the office, I recommend easy-to-live plants, which require little maintenance. The most recommended are chamaedorea, peperomia, ivy or even ficus. These plants need a minimum of light and water once a week. They have dense foliage and are simply pretty. Dracaena marginata is also to be preferred, it will bring an exotic and warm side to your office.

And if we like flowers, which plants should we favor?

If you like flowers, I recommend Anthurium. It is very easy to live with and you can choose the color of your flowers: white, pink or red. It is in my eyes one of the best plants for the office. In addition, it is a depolluting plant: it absorbs ammonia residues present in the atmosphere.

Precisely question depolluting plants, what do you suggest?

There are many depolluting plants, but not all of them will flourish in the office. Those I would recommend are the ficus which has the capacity to absorb chemical particles, the chlorophytum which cleans the air, the spathiphyllum which acts as well on pollution, chemical residues as on the waves, and the effective Aloe Vera against carbon monoxide. Finally, all cacti are excellent against electric waves, moreover they are affordable and very easy to maintain.

How to maintain a plant in the office?

Your plant needs light and hydration. Water it once a week or as soon as you notice the soil is dry. If you are on vacation, ask one of your colleagues to water it.

Last question: which plant would you choose for your office?

The orchid! It is a magnificent plant and easy to live with. In addition, I find that it brings a lot of serenity. Our garden and gardening videos