What curtains for my modern bay window?

What curtains for my modern bay window?

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A light curtain for my modern picture window

Unlike small windows, the Windows can quickly become an obstacle to privacy if they are not covered with curtains. Also, to protect yourself from prying eyes, you can opt for a delicate sheer which will let the light through without damaging your family life. Colorful or refined, do not forget however that the curtains are chosen according to the style of the decoration. Also keep in mind that, although chic, too light colors do not offer real privacy and are strongly discouraged for this type of opening. Prefer therefore wise and little colored curtains that will filter and dim the light inside the room and repel direct sunlight, especially in summer. Consider, for example, visiting the Bemz website, which offers ready-made and custom-made curtains available in more than 220 designer fabrics and in several finishes.

Double curtains for my modern picture window

Otherwise, you can also opt for lined curtains, with a harmonious fall and a length widely deployed. With a thicker layer of fabric, this other solution completely hides the view from passers-by, so you can live your life in peace. Very warm and a touch of cocoon, this curtain type is to be preferred in winter, because it has the particularity of preventing the cold from settling in the room.

Two pairs of curtains with a double rod for my modern picture window

Your heart is balancing between the curtain and the double curtains? No need to decide, choose these two options! To do this, you only need to set a double rod one behind the other to allow the juxtaposition of your two pairs of curtains. Place your curtain on the rear rod; your double curtains on the front rod. A 2-in-1 solution to let light through the day and protect you from prying eyes at night.

The blinds for my modern bay window

The decoration of your interior could not be more contemporary? Drop the curtains and double curtains, prefer them blinds which will adapt perfectly to your modern, refined and designer interior atmosphere. Very trendy in recent years, there is something for everyone! Between Venetian blinds with horizontal slats, Californian blinds with vertical strips, roller blinds, pleats, Roman blinds; between wooden blinds, colored or more graphic with patterns… All will easily meet all your development desires!

Japanese signs

The japanese signs areinterior blinds which have the particularity of being sliding: practical for letting in light or protecting yourself from the outside vis-à-vis the sandstone of your desires! They are composed of panels of sails or vertical fabrics which slide on a rail. Zen, airy and light, originally, they adapt today to all tastes and styles: they are found in different textiles and colors. Again, you will have no trouble finding your happiness that will best match your interior decoration !

Tip: To avoid false notes in your interior decoration or inappropriate dimensions during your choice of curtains, consider the exposure of your room. Also check the height of the ceiling and the surface of your room to select the patterns and colors. The style of decoration also plays a key role in the choice of curtains. Indeed, a material like silk will easily find its place in a bourgeois decoration while a Moroccan fabric will integrate harmoniously in a room with an oriental atmosphere.