Ruutu, the last collaboration of the Bouroullec brothers with iittala

Ruutu, the last collaboration of the Bouroullec brothers with iittala

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Ten years after their first collaboration with the Finnish brand iittala, Ronan and Erwann Bouroullec now sign Ruutu, a collection of vases, characterized by meticulous and delicate work with blown glass. Colorful, graphic and fluid, the vases in the Ruutu collection adopt a timeless and refined design that will do wonders in a contemporary interior, as if more vintage.

Ruutu, a collection of vases with a sleek design and handcrafted

A clever mix of Breton know-how from the Bouroullec brothers and the mastery offered by the Finnish brand iittala, Ruutu offers a fluid and delicate design, made up of games of transparency and geometric lines. Meaning "diamond" or "square" in Finnish, Ruutu is a collection made up of 10 vases, available in 5 sizes and available in 7 colors: cranberry, moss green, gray, desert yellow, salmon, copper and light gray. Like the famous Alvar Aalto models from iittala, the Ruutu collection is blown in the iittala factory in Finland. If the shapes of the vases seem relatively refined, each model nevertheless requires the work of seven glass craftsmen, and this, for 24 hours. The great variety of colors, in which Ronan and Erwann Bouroullec have declined the different vases, represents a real challenge in terms of production: achieving the same color for each model requires great expertise. A challenge as stimulating as it is inspiring, met brilliantly by the teams of the Finnish brand.

Glass, cut to its limits

With Ruutu, the Bouroullec brothers sought to express the purity of blown glass declined in this simple form of diamond. When the glass is hot, he does not particularly appreciate being drawn into precise geometric shapes but prefers rounded shapes. By developing this range of strict shapes, the limits of the material have been reached thanks to the exceptional glass blowers of the iittala factory. Add to that delicate pastel colors that mix like a watercolor, and the result is astounding.
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