What is the difference between a kit wardrobe and a custom wardrobe?

What is the difference between a kit wardrobe and a custom wardrobe?

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To fit out your dressing room, whether you devote an entire room to it or leave a piece of wall, the objective is the same: optimize the square meters. For this, many specialized and non-specialist brands offer solutions to best adapt to the demand of their customers. If you have trouble differentiating the walk-in closet from the custom-made walk-in closet, the editor gives you a few things to see more clearly.

What is a kit wardrobe?

The kit wardrobe requires a few notions of DIY since it can be assembled yourself. Unlike its counterpart "custom-made dressing", it does not perfectly respect the dimensions of your room and needs to be well thought out before buying the different elements. These can then be arranged and stacked as judiciously as possible so that the result is practical and functional. This dressing is more suitable for large spaces because they do not require special forms. The idea is also to use them in the bedroom or laundry room on a single section of wall, easier to install.

Zoom on the custom-made wardrobe.

Embedded in a room or placed along a wall, the custom-made wardrobe must be as integrated as possible to optimize the square meters. It often rhymes with luxury and large spaces and needs to be made by specialists. Designed to the millimeter, it extends from floor to ceiling and promises you perfect aesthetics! The plus: the holes are made to measure too, which saves you the not very pretty holes in the boxes of the dressings in kit. Other information, and not the least, to take into account before you decide: the custom-made dressing also costs more than a dressing bought in a lambda sign. This price is easily justified by the service offered by these specialized brands, because you are accompanied from A to Z in your project by a specialist: home visit, development of plans and specifications, choice of materials and finally the final installation.