I tested for you: the 3D pen

I tested for you: the 3D pen

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3D objects appeared in our daily life a few years ago, thanks to the democratization of specialized devices intended for the general public. After printers and scanners, the first 3D pen is now available in France! Launched by the Markershop brand, the 3Doodler allows you to draw in relief creative objects or accessories for everyday life. Inspired by the process of the famous 3D printers, the pen works thanks to a plastic melting system, which cools and solidifies almost instantly. This small device therefore allows you to create an infinite variety of shapes and structures, quickly and easily. A few minutes of use are enough to have the pen in hand and give free rein to your imagination: I tested for you this pen as fun as it is amazing!

First step: Put in place the different elements

The 3Doodler consists of an electrical outlet, a pen and colored plastic refills. Its mode of use is very simple: 1 / Connect the electrical outlet (the pen can be used without any prior charge) 2 / Choose your option (ABS or PLA) 3 / A preheating of about 30 seconds is necessary. A diode lights up in green or blue depending on the option chosen when the pen is ready to operate 4 / Insert a colored refill at the end of the pen 5 / Press continuously on the button of the chosen flow rate (weak or strong) to start creating the object

ABS and PLA, what are the differences in use?

There are two options for using the 3Doodler: ABS and PLA. The first is devoted to drawing in the air, or to the creation (on a rigid support) of different structures which are subsequently detached to assemble them together. The PLA option is mainly used to decorate objects (ceramic, glass, metal surface or paper) and to create jewelry. Before starting each creation, it is therefore advisable to activate the chosen option on the pen, and to use the adapted plastic stick.

Second step: create your model

For my first use of the 3Doodler, I chose to create the name of my son in 3D to hang it on the door of his room. After taking a large carton to serve as support and protect my table, I manually wrote the letters in pen to have a model to refer to. Seasoned designers can also use a more complex model found on the Internet or drawn by them!

Third step: assemble the pieces together

Once each letter ironed in relief with the 3Doodler, I detached each of them and renewed the operation. To finish, I just had to link two identical letters together thanks to a manipulation of the zigzag pen in order to "weld" the shapes to create a letter in 3 dimensions!
My creation is finished and I'm pretty proud of it…
The 3Doodler pen is sold exclusively on the site for 99.90 euros