What price for a custom wardrobe?

What price for a custom wardrobe?

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We are not going to lie to each other, as a rule, a tailor-made wardrobe is expensive, at least more expensive than a kit wardrobe. However, the price is justified because it has many advantages. The editorial team will explain the benefits of custom dressing and the budget to plan if you decide to get started.

The advantages of custom dressing

No matter the shape of the room or the square meters, with the custom wardrobe, it is simple to adapt to all shapes. Better than a walk-in wardrobe, it takes up space and is most of the time fitted by a specialist, which makes it possible not to be mistaken and to have an impeccable result. When you have a very specific idea in mind regarding the wardrobe of your dreams, you must immediately think of a custom wardrobe! The latter will be ideal to adapt to all your needs and all your desires, even if for that, it will be necessary to plan a consequent budget.

Plan a sufficient budget

Depending on its size, the layout or the possible intervention of a professional, the price of the custom-made wardrobe varies greatly. For the simplest made-to-measure wardrobe, without professional intervention and of small size with little storage space, count 1000 euros. With 3000 euros, we can already start fitting out a 4m2 room, which is not negligible! Finally, for those who want a custom wardrobe with multiple storage spaces adapted to each garment, estimate your project around 5000 euros; plans, materials and installation included.