How to grow and care for succulents

How to grow and care for succulents

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They are called extreme plants. Succulents are plants that have certain morphological characteristics in common. However, they do not belong to a single family. Quite easy to grow in a greenhouse, outside or in an apartment, succulents are not succulents, contrary to what is often said. Charly de Jardiland confirms this and explains everything about the cultivation and maintenance of these succulents.

Could you give us some examples of succulents?

Among the succulents, we can name the cacti - succulents with thorns - which have the particularity of filling their tissues with juices (hence their names) for increased resistance to drought. Dry environments do not scare these xerophyte plants. But echeveria and begonias are also succulents, like aloe vera, euphorbia, muscari or certain succulents like beaucarnea and tropical kalanchoe. However, succulents are not succulents. It must be admitted that they are a little misleading for the amateur gardener.

How are succulents grown?

Succulents have a significant advantage: they are easy to grow provided they reserve a suitable place. If you grow them outside, put them directly in low acid soil if the area is hot. In a rainy region, it is better to drain the soil to promote the flow of water. In a cold climate, plant the succulents along a wall to shelter them from low temperatures and cold winds. In these regions, a greenhouse or a heated frame are more suitable solutions for succulents. In apartments, special lighting is provided for the succulent pots if the accommodation is dark.

Is the rock garden an ideal place for succulents?

The succulents are in fact very frequently grouped in a rock garden sheltered from the wind. This type of composition is very interesting because it allows you to combine all kinds of succulents with sometimes surprising physical features. Prickly cacti, others with globose growths, succulents, succulents with flowers of a thousand colors. Creeping succulents like stonecrop are made for rock gardens.

The maintenance of succulents is deemed easy. What does it boil down to?

Succulents are plants that adapt to sometimes extreme situations, especially in terms of temperatures. They store what they need to resist like real rocks! As far as cacti from America are concerned, we have seen them flourish in Europe since the 17th century. The acclimatization was not difficult; the same is true for succulents from Africa. Besides, they have a reputation for being enjoyed almost everywhere. This does not preclude asking for advice from a gardening professional when buying succulents.

Can we cut succulents?

Cutting succulents is a breeze and gives good results. It is a real cloning since it gives new plants identical to the mother plant. A well-swollen sheet is taken, that is to say one which contains a sufficient stock so as not to dry. The leaf should be placed flat on the pot without touching the ground. His wound must first heal. This is where small roots will form in a few weeks, then rosettes that will give leaves. It remains to plant the new succulent in the ground and water it. Know that it will be easy for you to create a succulent, original and sublime decoration.