Whole x Caroline Gomez: the French designer reveals the secrets of this collaboration

Whole x Caroline Gomez: the French designer reveals the secrets of this collaboration

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In this chilly February 2015, a nice collaboration caught the eye of the editorial staff. The eco-responsible brand Whole invited French designer Caroline Gomez to create a new object for both: a large warm plaid in Merino wool hand dyed with a 100% plant dye. Caroline Gomez tells us a little more about the behind the scenes of this collaboration.

How did this collaboration with Whole come about?

Aurélia contacted me to offer me a collaboration, we met and the project was born. It was simple, we quickly imagined this work together.

What touched you in Whole's eco-responsible approach?

It conveys values ​​that I completely share such as French artisanal manufacturing, the choice of high quality raw materials but also precise work around color. These are important commonalities.

Where did the idea for this Merino wool plaid named WOLA come from?

We mentioned several possible creative paths and this one interested us because it was new for both. Aurélia had already worked on children's plaids but not in this way or in these dimensions. And for me the work of knitting was a real discovery and it was exciting. We wanted a heavy plaid, which has a real presence.

The dyeing is done on request, why?

Because it is Aurélia who dyes them by hand! This requires large amounts of dye for a plaid, so you might as well adapt it to the colors requested. I also work like that for my lamps which are made to order, it is very consistent with my desire to manufacture in reasonable quantities.

Other products from a collaboration with Whole should see the light of day?

We want it. Now we need to work more precisely on this new project, nothing is yet fixed. We will keep you posted ! WOLA: 269 euros More info on //