Push Cakes by Birambeau: an original presentation for its desserts

Push Cakes by Birambeau: an original presentation for its desserts

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Fresh from New York, the Push Cake is a cake slipped and superimposed in a transparent tube which can be tasted as it grows. It is reminiscent of the famous ice cream from our childhood which we enjoyed on the beach. For Easter, Birambeau offers these famous original transparent jars for sale to try out this new pastry tube trend at home.

Surprise your guests with Push Cakes

The aesthetics of Push Cakes completely changes traditional cakes that everyone knows since they are presented in a transparent tube and composed of several layers with different colors and textures. The idea is to play with the decorative aspect of the cake and transform a simple dessert into a real animation. Something to surprise but also put water to the mouth of your guests!

Push Cake: how does it work?

The creation of Push Cakes is very simple. Start by cutting rounds in a sponge cake with the tube then superimpose layers of cakes, cream or even fruit. You can then finish your creation with chocolate shavings, a gourmet strawberry or colored balls. A real breeze! The Push Cake is a gourmet compromise between the elaborate verrine and the regressive pop cake. We love the idea! A little extra: the tubes offered by Birambeau are sold with a decorated support to facilitate presentation and with lids so that they can be transported or used as verrines.
Set of 6 Push Cakes with lid and presentation stand: 9.90 euros //www.birambeau.fr/