Visit: a harvest of flowers in the improvised garden of Sybil

Visit: a harvest of flowers in the improvised garden of Sybil

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When she moved into this mansion between Lyon and Villefranche sur Saône, Sybil was only a young budding gardener, inexperienced but unconditional of flowers who instinctively brought her personal touch to the garden at the whim of his desires.

A wooded area of ​​6000 m²

Purchased from an elderly couple who no longer maintained their land, the wooded area of ​​6000 m² is more than promising ... "But there were many large softwood trees, unattractive, very dark which made the setting austere. Also , we cut some to bring more light, "says the owner. The house, nicknamed "the castle" by the villagers, imposes notably on its main facade its character of a mansion, elegant with its majestic stairs which lead to the entrance. But at the back, another charm, another much more bucolic atmosphere. A garden priest spirit that appeals to owners who especially do not wish to create a "French" garden, rigorous and restrictive in terms of maintenance.

Flowers in the spotlight

No question of using the services of a landscaper, room for improvisation. Sybil, in love with roses and peonies, creates essentially flowery decorations. "I work by heart, instinct and plant as I go along. I always find a place for the species I just found!" Total freedom which gives free rein to his imagination. Different corners with unique decor bring a lot of charm to the whole.
The old greenhouse that protects the laurels is covered with climbing roses, while in the kitchen side, the aromatic herbs are planted in beds.

Around the pond dressed in water lilies, there is an aquatic atmosphere that welcomes the visitor. Near the pond, a vinegar sumac cuttings torn during a walk and replanted has its effect! Its extraordinary colors in autumn deserve attention, but sumac has a flaw: it multiplies too quickly! Some precautions are therefore to be taken when planting.

To give light in the massifs, nothing like a few "Choisya ternata Moonsleeper" whose tender green evergreen foliage enhances the deep red of the sedums. The presence of Japanese maple, cosmos and dahlias promise beautiful autumn bouquets.

Elsewhere profusion of flowers in beds: chrysanthemums, dahlias, lavenders, Japanese azaleas, Angelica tulips, white anemones, cosmos, santoline, alliums, zinnias, hydrangeas ... "I only like what blooms apart from the boxwood, border or potted and which bring a little rigor and order to the garden. "

In winter, the grasses and the pennisetum are adorned with frost and the garden lives by the seasons. "At every moment of the year, something happens in the garden, it must be always alive." This is how the free range hens also come to animate the scene!
The garden saved from neglect by the creativity and passion of Sybil who devotes himself with great enthusiasm to gardening, seduced by its abundance of flowers and a certain disorder which gives it an all natural charm.

Plant sheets: Anemone, cosmos, zinnia, hydrangea, peony, dahlia, sedum.