Kartell in Tavola: new collection of Kartell tableware

Kartell in Tavola: new collection of Kartell tableware

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If the first "Kartell à Table" collections were born forty years ago, they haven't aged a bit! Charm, versatility and design are always there to offer unique and up-to-date products. The proof with the new collection "Kartell in Tavola" designed by great chefs and designers of international renown.

I.D.Ish by D'O by Davide Oladani

For his new tableware collection, Kartell called on Italian chef Davide Oladani. The latter designed a collection of young, refined and easy-going plates. Composed of 4 models, which pay homage to the four seasons, the collection reveals simple forms with subtle singularities such as the inclination of the "Autumn" plate. The little extra: a raised fingerprint encrusted on the rim adds a note of originality to the decor while allowing a functional use of the plate by preventing the thumb of the person serving from touching the inside of the dish.

Jellies Family by Patricia Urquiola

Colorful, transparent, summery, the collection imagined by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell is a concentrate of good humor. Inspired by nature, the Spanish architect and designer chose to use a shiny plastic material that changes shape and reflection on contact with light. A beautiful way to enhance the table without giving up the color.

Namaste signed Jean-Marie Massaud

Created by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud, the Namaste collection offers sets consisting of 3 melamine plates / dishes. The organic shapes evoke flat pebbles with an asymmetrical design which overlap and can be combined in a thousand and one ways. You can stack them as well as place them freely next to each other ... the whole thing is to create pleasant nuances and contrasts.
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