Piano Smeg: the spirit of the 1950s

Piano Smeg: the spirit of the 1950s

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Founded in 1948, Smeg is the Italian company that has transformed simple household appliances into icons of Made in Italy design. After the enormous success of the traditional Victoria, the range is now equipped with induction cooking technology. Between vintage authenticity and cutting-edge technology, the editorial tells you everything!

The success of Smeg cookers

Inspired by the kitchens of great chefs, for their performance and elegance, Smeg has been able to offer quality household appliances. Everything is done to meet the expectations of the average cook or the gourmet. With its stoves with a vintage look, Smeg has managed to impose its style on a variety of interiors. In electric or gas versions, the latter are available in steel, stainless steel and glass, white or colored. Small novelty that may appeal to fans of technological modernity but who are fond of 50s inspirations; the induction cooking model.

The vintage spirit even on my stove

After the immense success of the cooking center with gas hob, 4 cavities for the TR4110 model, the high oven for the TR93 and a maxi cavity for the TR90, the three models are now equipped with induction cooking technology. The latter has 5 fireplaces of different sizes, as well as an automatic self-stop in case of an open fire and residual heat indicators. For the vintage chic side, the strength of the glass goes perfectly with the glossy black finish of the oven or completes the cream finish. All cavities also have an easy-to-clean Ever Clean enamel and a Vapor Clean cleaning function, which allows for simple and efficient oven maintenance. What more could you ask to be convinced?
Cream and black versions: from 2999 euros Stainless steel versions: from 3099 euros More info on //