Les Angles, new seating concept by Stéphanie Marin

Les Angles, new seating concept by Stéphanie Marin

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Stéphanie Marin marked the decoration world with her unique borrowing when launching the Livingstone collection. Ten years after the release of these funny neo-Zen pebbles that have become iconic, the French designer is innovating once again with her new range of seats called Les Angles. Both cushions and sofas, these elements with a totally futuristic look invite us to test another facet of rest and conviviality. Explanations.

Seating to compose yourself

The Les Angles collection is made up of several geometric structural elements which are assembled to each other as desired. These contemporary seats, edited by the house Smarin, were born from the imagination of designer Stéphanie Marin in a desire for personalization and exchange. Ideal for the bedroom or living room, the Angles come in the form of adaptable cushions that clip to each other using specific hooks: you can sit alone or with others to read, chat, rest or to work ! The whole forms a piece of furniture with a raw and mineral look, which fits in both a classic and a contemporary interior. The plus: thanks to the properties of the wool in which they are designed, these cushions become real thermal and phonic insulators.

Smarin, avant-garde editor

For 10 years the Smarin company has been designing and developing design projects as varied as they are functional. Whether furniture or space planning, each creation invites the user to compose his personal landscape through simple and aesthetic objects. Latest born from the French publisher, the Angles follow the same conviviality approach as the previous Livingstone, Nenuphares and Dune seating ranges. Today, Stéphanie Marin proves us once again that design and functionality go hand in hand!

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