I built my wooden house in kit

I built my wooden house in kit

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Do you dream of building your own house ... What if you embark on the adventure of self-construction? With wooden houses to assemble yourself, this dream becomes more and more accessible to motivated DIY enthusiasts and well surrounded. Let's discover the testimony of Peggy and Alexandra, special educator and extracurricular animator, who set themselves the incredible challenge of building their first wooden house in kit!

Why build with wood ?

Building with wood quickly became obvious for both of us! Invited to friends who owned a wooden house, we immediately felt at ease. The atmosphere of this house really charmed us. We love the nobility of this material, the feeling of comfort, of cocooning inside a wooden house!

When you start building a kit house, what is most important?

The important thing is to know how to surround yourself with recognized professionals who will help you make the right choices, and family and friends who will get their hands dirty once the work has started! To make our project a reality, we trusted our manufacturer, Poirot Construction, for the plans, the technique and the on-site assistance. For the insulation, we called on Pavatex, and for exterior joinery, Falco and Technistore.

What is the advantage of kit construction?

As wood allowed, this is a possibility that we immediately considered. Doing it yourself to save money is obvious! It is also a pride to say that this project was born from our hands… and those of our loved ones. We knew very well that it would also and above all be a human experience that would mark us all.

Have you ever been afraid of the challenge of building your own house?

To tell you the truth, when the truck delivered the house to us in kit form, we were afraid of not being up to par from a technical point of view. Our manufacturer has really reassured us on this point. He accompanied us every step of the way and even beyond! It is essential to be able to count on a professional who fully understands your project and the technical requirements of other trades.

Any advice for those who, like you, would like to embark on the adventure of self-construction?

Take your time, don't be in a rush. There is no point running. The organization of the site is essential because there is only one chance to get it right. Building a house in a kit can go very quickly, but you must not give in to the pressure of "when will we be there?". Some things are worth considering carefully, so it is important to get help from your manufacturer and those around you who have the knowledge and especially the experience!

What is your best memory ?

There are several of them ! By doing it for ourselves, we have created many memories with those around us. What we will never forget is the enthusiasm with which everyone worked from 8h to 16h during the construction week. The first day was spectacular: we placed 12 rows of planks on top of each other… the house was taking shape before our eyes at phenomenal speed.

And if we had to do it again ?

Today we are very happy to be able to enjoy our house. If it had to be done again, it would be without hesitation!
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