DIY: create knitted names

DIY: create knitted names

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It is a perfect idea to decorate the children's room, but it can be just as pretty in the living room or the hallway with the words you choose to highlight. The knitting wool brings a soft and warm touch to your interiors so do not deprive yourself in this harsh winter period! To make this DIY, the best is to have a mechanical knitting machine, which will allow you to make, in a jiffy, long lengths of knitted cord… If you do not have one, then I advise you to settle comfortably in an armchair by the fireside, and each evening advancing a little with your manual knitting… In addition to mechanical or manual knitting, you will need: - a ball of wool - flexible iron wire (thickness which allows it to be shaped enough easily, but which keeps the given shape, mine was 1 mm) - cutting pliers - flat pliers (optional) - a wool needle - liquid glue (optional) - a pair of scissors - a meter of seamstress

DIY inspired by the creations of Atelier Des Petites Bauloises and Petit Poulou.