Before / After: Restructuring of a 150m2 apartment in Paris

Before / After: Restructuring of a 150m2 apartment in Paris

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To reinterpret a Parisian apartment without charm and little adapted to the uses of its owner a music lover, frequent traveler and passionate about photography, such is the challenge which the interior designer Glenn Medioni of the collective Interior designers was able to take up. The objective? Fully redistribute the spaces in the apartment and open it up to create generous and bright volumes. After its intervention, place in a universe far from conventions, conducive to relaxation and escape, like its owner. We open the doors to this very design renovation in pictures!

Redistribute spaces

Before: From the first sketches, Glenn Medioni's objective has been to rethink the arrangement of the different rooms of the apartment in order to give a precise function to each of them. When he is not abroad, the owner works from his home and wants an interior in harmony with his lifestyle. The entire apartment has therefore been opened up to provide light volumes. The living spaces have been separated or unified by pocket doors. The kitchen and dining room now share the same volume, as does the master bedroom and the bathroom. A lightened screed was also made in the private areas to move the water features.

After: All rooms are now airy and bright. The two old bedrooms now make way for a beautiful master bedroom with its integrated bathroom. Partitions were knocked down and the ground, raised by 15 cm, made it possible to reposition all the pipes of the pond. The bathroom is thus open to the bedroom, with a central basin attached to the headboard. The old windows were repainted in deep black to give it a contemporary style and a custom-made dressing area, benefiting from interior lighting, was installed. Finally, the old parquet floor now gives way to a tatami of rice straw.

Facilitate circulation

Before: The kitchen lacks relief and friendliness. Small and poorly arranged, the challenge is to develop a kitchen / dining area to rebalance the volumes and bring coherent unity to the whole. The part was thus intended to be fluid, allowing great ease of movement. Before: The partition of one of the bedrooms has been knocked down, creating a large 35 m² kitchen / dining room. Entirely manufactured by a cabinetmaker, it now highlights a beautiful central island. The biased facades offer good ergonomics and make it possible to lighten the island by breaking the horizontality. Here, the tailor-made even applies to the hood and to the luminaires installed above the plan.

Intelligent enhancement of decorative objects

Before: Although the office has a pleasant surface, it is impossible to realize the real potential of this room as the space is congested and not very bright. Before: Located in the office, the medium white lacquered wood bookcase is one of the curiosities of the apartment. Today it allows aesthetic enhancement of books and decorative objects. Designed by the designer, this imposing and heavy piece of furniture is however lightened by the contrast between the black background and the wood which gives depth to the piece of furniture.

A living terrace

Before: The previous inhabitants hardly took the time to take care of this long terrace. To give this terrace a facelift and make it a little green paradise where it is good to rest and eat, Glenn Medioni has imagined a real eco-system. After: Successful bet, fully landscaped, the 35 m² terrace is now perfectly optimized. The designer thus imagined a small ecosystem where vines, olive trees and other fig trees coexist today. The floor has changed and is now adorned with attractive parquet floors. A seating sofa and a garden coffee table have been installed, allowing the owner to fully enjoy a view of Paris stretching from the Bois de Vincennes to the Eiffel Tower. Interior designer Glenn Medioni, Collective Interior designers