Gorenje x Philippe Starck: new collection of household appliances

Gorenje x Philippe Starck: new collection of household appliances

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Gorenje by Starck is the elegant name for the promising collaboration between the visionary designer and one of the greatest European kitchen designers. A judicious association presented in preview during the 2015 edition of IFA (the consumer electronics fair in Berlin). Discover the collection of household appliances of the winning duo, bringing together resolutely design ovens, refrigerators and cooktops.

High level design

"The challenge was to create technically impeccable products that express something intimate, warm and human. The elegance of this collection lies in its discreet quality and its minimalist design" explains Philippe Starck. Here, multifunction ovens, hobs, or warming drawers are distinguished by their minimalist design with high-end reflective glass, neat stainless steel and mirror effects. A collection that meets - with sobriety and perfection - pure lines and flat colors. The orange handles set the tone in the kitchen, with appliances in a 100% coordinated design. A decorative bias as a trademark, Gorenje having already collaborated with great designers with international renown such as Ora-ïto and Karim Rachid.

Technological innovations

The Gorenje by Starck collection focuses on increased energy efficiency (simultaneous cooking on several shelves, optimized ventilation system, etc.) made possible by advanced technologies offering high performance. The smart AdaptTech sensor, for example, detects the level of impurities, vapor or even gases present in the ambient air and automatically adjusts the fan speed. As for the IonAir technology, it reproduces the natural process of ionization in order to keep food fresher for longer. Clever!
The Gorenje by Starck collection is available from a selection of retailers. Variable price according to these. Info and points of sale:


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