Cosme, creator of tailor-made bedding

Cosme, creator of tailor-made bedding

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If I tell you that you spend more than a third of your life sleeping, that makes you think, right? To be well rested and benefit from a restful sleep, there is no secret: you need good bedding. The French brand Cosme has understood this, by offering an interactive platform online so that you can design the mattress of your dreams yourself!

Personalize your bedding for maximum comfort

Cosme, these are two friends - Alexandre and Baptiste - who started from the principle that sleep is different depending on each one. This resulted in a concept: bedding adapted to your body type and your desires. From the brand's website, design and personalize your mattress in 7 steps! Choose its size, its density, the materials and fibers that compose it, the summer and winter faces, and finally the fabric. Not sure about you? Do not panic, you have 100 nights to try your mattress. If you are not satisfied, your money back! Each mattress is guaranteed for 10 years and delivered to your home for free.

Natural materials made in France

Cosme only offers products made from natural materials. The mattresses are made of latex, organic cotton, horsehair, wool, silk or even cashmere. There is no shortage of choice! It's up to you to choose the fabric that you like the most. The brand also provides box springs, pillows and duvets to complete your bedding and create a tailor-made cocoon. Everything is done by French craftsmen, with recognized expertise. Something to revolutionize your nights!

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