Tokyo MultiKonnect, the first clip-on window box designed by Grosfillex

Tokyo MultiKonnect, the first clip-on window box designed by Grosfillex

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Innovate on the balcony this year with the new Grosfillex planter! Thanks to a clip system, balconies and pots are easily assembled without losing a single square centimeter. Want to know more about your new ally this summer? The editorial team presents you with this step, this new system which answers to the name of Tokyo MultiKonnect.

Innovative planters for the balcony

To save space on your balcony, the new Tokyo MultiKonnect system will become your best friend. This new range of pots presented by Grosfillex, offers a unique formula allowing everyone to maximize their balcony even in the corners! With clips attached to each pot, you can make as many combinations as you want, and change them whenever you want. We love the contemporary design of these planters and their light resin material that is very resistant to time and requires little daily maintenance.

How it works ?

To make your custom balcony decoration, you will need to choose from a selection of planters and square tubs and add connectors. Then, you just have to clip the elements together endlessly! A metal hook is also integrated on the planters allowing multi-position adjustment. You can thus manage the inclination of the balcony window according to your railing.
The 40 cm planters are available in 2 colors (warm gray and anthracite) and the 15 cm square pots are available in 5 colors (anthracite, fuchsia, orange, warm gray and cactus green).
planter : 22.95 euros Square bin : 7.95 euros connector : 7.95 euros