Why choose the induction hob?

Why choose the induction hob?

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The induction hob is the hob found in all modern fitted kitchens. To fully understand it, the editorial staff interviewed Tassadit Ait Si Mohamed, product manager for the appliance brand Asko. Here are his recommendations.

Why are induction hobs so successful?

Because induction is the best today in terms of cooking equipment. Of course, gas stoves are still very popular with catering professionals, but households are increasingly equipped with 3-burner induction hobs (2 medium and 1 large). They are easy to use and work somewhat on the same principle as a ceramic hob. Today, they represent 40% of sales for prices ranging from 350 to 2,000 € on average.

What are the immediate benefits?

You will be amazed by the speed of heating. The induction rises very quickly in temperature thanks to the electromagnetic system of the inductors. Sometimes people are surprised because they usually wait to boil water or cook a steak. There it is very fast. We can even be had and burn a caramel for example. You have to be vigilant but you can instantly go from a strong fire to a low fire. There are also programs for simmering or cooking in a double boiler. Technologies are evolving to make your cooking easier. Today, in stores, we almost offer only induction.

Have we completely forgotten the other cooking methods?

Almost yes, because induction meets current needs. The speed (as mentioned above) but also the ease of maintenance. A simple sponge is enough to clean the plate. And security. The fireplace will only start when the pan is placed on it. It goes out when it is removed. Most induction hobs also have automatic shutdown and locking systems. In case, a light indicates that the plate is still hot. The plate adapts to the size of the pan placed on the fire and does not heat elsewhere, so there is no heat loss.

Do we even gain on the electricity bill?

Of course ! Energy consumption is reduced, about 30% less than ceramic hobs. The heat is concentrated on the pan. Induction is really ideal for a person who likes to cook because it has all the advantages of reliability, security and speed. You can adjust the powers to your liking and, once turned off, the plates stop which avoids unnecessary consumption. But by cons it remains a certain investment ...

Indeed, prices are still quite high ... Are there other small disadvantages?

Price level, you can find entry-level plates at 300 € but then it's like a car, if you want a high-performance plate, the prices will be more expensive. You will also need to bring a new cookware with utensils suitable for induction. No copper, glass or aluminum elements can be used on this type of plate. Only cast iron and steel pans are adequate. Again you will find variable prices. As a whole, it is rare to be disappointed with induction.