Put burgers in your decor with the Big Mac collection by Mc Donald!

Put burgers in your decor with the Big Mac collection by Mc Donald!

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Mc Donald has always been a creative brand in terms of advertising campaigns. But today, the brand has really hit hard by launching a collection of clothing and accessories with "Big Mac" prints! It was as part of a marketing campaign in Sweden that Mc Donald opened this week an e-shop where you can buy clothes and accessories for the home with… original patterns. In fact, their collection called "Big Mac" exclusively offers printed products from burgers. Yum !

Sleep among the burgers

You can therefore find on the e-shop a printed Big Mac bedding set. You can also buy wallpaper to cover your walls with this unusual pattern. Finally, you can dress from head to toe with this same print, just like your dog who was not forgotten in the creation of this incredible collection. With this new campaign, Mc Donald plays with the limits of bad taste (and perhaps even very frankly exceeded them!), Dares the unthinkable, proposes the improbable! It only remains to know if these ultra kitsch products - although fun - will appeal to brave buyers, who will not be afraid of being disgusted. In any case, one thing is certain, the brand will have managed to get people talking.