What are the most suitable trees and plants for a small garden?

What are the most suitable trees and plants for a small garden?

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Do you like trees but have a small garden? Know that you can display any outdoor space. Whether you like fruit trees, exotic trees or more classic plants, you can make your little garden a space that reflects your image. To find out which trees to favor in small gardens, we went to Jardiland where Philippe advised us. With a background in landscaping, this professional specializes in the design of gardens.

Is it possible to display a small garden?

Of course ! Any garden can have trees, you just have to know how to choose them. For that, you must know your needs and your desires. Do you want trees in the heart of the garden or at the edge? Do you want classic or atypical trees? How do you use your garden?

How do these elements help us choose a tree?

If you have children, you should provide trees that do not take up too much space especially in their lower part. Thus, toddlers play without risk, they cannot catch potentially toxic fruits and have the possibility of hanging a swing on a branch. The sunshine on your property or the nature of the soil will also impact your choices.

Which trees to choose for a small garden?

If your garden is sunny, bet on the olive tree which is very elegant and which flowers in summer. The olive tree is a tree whose size adapts to the environment, you can thus choose its height as its span by leaving it or not the possibility of blooming. Photinia is also ideal in a small sunny garden. Its foliage is persistent and colorful, and the tree flowers in May. We can give it the shape we want according to the layout of our garden. If your garden is shaded, choose bamboo. It is a very nice, dense shrub that brings an exotic touch to the garden. In pot, you will control its growth. In the ground, the bamboo flourishes and extends to infinity, vigilance is therefore required in a small garden. Orange trees and especially the Mexican orange tree is very good in a small garden. It is a beautiful tree that does not take up much space. It must be placed sheltered from the wind to flourish and display its elegance.

What plants do you recommend in a small garden?

In a small garden, you have to bet on the roses that you will prune according to your desires to give them the shape and the size that you want. It is the same for the hydrangea and more particularly the hydrangea with flat flowers. Lavender is loved in small gardens and it goes perfectly with olive trees.

What do you recommend for landscaping small gardens?

Choose the right trees and plants, but most importantly, control their development. When you have a small outdoor space, cuts of trees and shrubs are more frequent. Opt for garden furniture adapted to the size of it. Do not hesitate to have potted plants and trees that will move to give you space or that will disperse to provide a very vegetal environment.