Moondream anti-electromagnetic wave curtains

Moondream anti-electromagnetic wave curtains

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To improve the quality of life of your interior by countering electromagnetic waves, Moondream has just launched anti-wave curtains. Tested in real conditions on GSM, 3G, 4G, Wifi, Bluetooth or even relay antennas, the latter send out the waves emitted by the environment. Explanations.

Are electromagnetic waves dangerous?

Wifi box, laptops, relay antennas, we are exposed to electromagnetic waves on a daily basis. According to numerous health studies, these have a real impact on our health in the long term. Loss of sleep, anxiety… some scientists have sounded the alarm and recommended in particular to favor hands-free kits, to place your box high… Other solutions exist on the decoration side to minimize the impact of waves in your interior, like the new curtain offered on the market by Moondream.

An anti-wave curtain at home

Specialist in technical and decorative curtains, Moondream launched a sound curtain two years ago to reduce noise and ensure sound peace in your interior. Today, the brand is launching a truly innovative new product: anti-electromagnetic wave curtains and liners! Designed with a metallic weave, these anti-wave curtains reflect the waves and minimize their impact on our daily lives. The latter are indeed sent out!

How it works ?

In terms of use, it's simple! Just attach the lining to the back of the curtain with a scratch system. For those who wish, the anti-wave curtain is also available with the lining already sewn on the fabric. From 179 euros the panel From 119 euros the lining alone On sale on and at Leroy Merlin