Recipe: canut brain with Cuisipro cheese maker

Recipe: canut brain with Cuisipro cheese maker

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A funny object has entered my kitchen: a cheese maker. Able (on paper) to transform a simple yogurt into a smooth preparation for dishes and desserts, the Cuisipro cheese maker intrigued me as long as the test was inevitable. And since I live in Lyon, the recipe for canut brains is obvious. I chose to partially use the recipe from Alain Passard's restaurant Aux Lyonnais. For those who do not know, I advise you to taste this preparation on a beautiful spring Sunday, you will be delighted!

Cuisipro's cheese maker

The Cuisipro cheese and cottage cheese mold filters the whey from the yogurt to obtain a consistent, creamy and tasty cheese. A product is then obtained which can be used to thicken sauces or toppings. This cheese maker includes a plastic container, a lid and a fine mesh stainless steel screen. With this utensil, it is possible to create yogurt cheese. We can therefore make more consistent tzatzikis but also cream cheese to make cheesecakes. If you think about it, the product has solid arguments (especially for the cheesecake!). Start by pouring your yogurt or your crisps into the cheese maker and then close it with its lid.
We see below that the sieve is very fine, the yogurt is then as trapped.
All you have to do is let your yogurt sit for at least two hours in the refrigerator.
The result is in line with expectations: the yogurt has become much creamier. If you leave it longer in the fridge, it can turn into cream cheese!

What is whey or whey?

Whey or whey is the yellowish liquid that you discover on the surface of your yogurt when you open it. This liquid is the result of the coagulation of milk: part of the milk is therefore transformed into a dairy product, the rest into whey. If you generally just mix this whey with yogurt (which is also clever since the whey is very rich in nutrients), it is also possible to recover it to obtain a firmer dairy product. Whey is a separate ingredient: it can be used for the preparation of brioches or the production of ricotta. Nothing is lost ! Here's what you get after two hours in the fridge: I must admit that the amount of whey is impressive.

Ingredients for canut brain

300 g of faisselle or in my case 350 g of plain yogurt. A shallot. A clove of garlic. 4 branches of tarragon. 4 branches of chives. 4 sprigs of parsley. A tablespoon of heavy cream. A teaspoon of walnut oil. Fleur de sel and pepper.

Canut brain recipe

Cut the branches of tarragon, chives and parsley with a knife.
Finely chop your shallot and your garlic clove.
Finally add the crème fraîche, then the walnut oil, the fleur de sel and the pepper.
Serve your canut brains with toast and crunchy vegetables. A good idea to share the time of a picnic!

The verdict

Honestly, you really have to be a big consumer of tzatziki to justify the purchase of the cheese maker. We therefore regret its price (€ 22.50) which seems very high compared to the possibilities of use. However, if you are not very attentive to the prices, we can assure you that the Cuisipro cheese maker fulfills its promises: a real whey drainer! It fulfills its role of filter perfectly which is practical when you do not have much time in front of you. The rendering of the yogurt is really pleasant on the palate, the preparations made from this "cheese" retain all the smoothness of the yogurts without it driping. Original recipe on Alain Passard's website.