Before / After: An interior canopy to separate without partitioning!

Before / After: An interior canopy to separate without partitioning!

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The canopy has the wind in its sails! Formerly intended for artist workshops, it now invests our interiors. Ideal for increasing the feeling of space, establishing a form of communication between two rooms of a dwelling or bringing in natural light, the canopy seduces us with its atypical charm. Responsible for making a bedroom and its bathroom more functional, the interior designer Estelle Griffe imagined a glass partition made up of different panels between the two rooms to give light and volume to the two spaces. We open the doors to this major renovation. Budget : 20,000 euros Area : 17 m²

Merge the two spaces thanks to the creation of a glass roof

Before: At the origin of the project two independent spaces: a bedroom of 13 m², full of charm and potential, and a bathroom, dark and old-fashioned, of only 3 m². To meet the very precise specifications of the owners who wanted to create an independent toilet and optimize the spaces and the light in these two spaces, Estelle Griffe, opted for an interior glass roof. The goal ? Merge these two rooms to give new generosity to the space by replacing the partition with an architectural element that will bring style and perspective to this bedroom full of character.

Optimizing spaces and light

After: To achieve the result we know today, the architect had to completely rethink the arrangement of the two rooms. To ventilate the space and thus streamline circulation, Estelle Griffe chose to move the storage space towards the interior of the room and install a 2 m² dressing room in the old niche of the bed. This aesthetic choice made it possible to create, in the corridor, a deep closet which today houses the coats and a small laundry room. For greater comfort, the wall between the bedroom and the bathroom has been offset by about ten centimeters. It has been transformed into a pretty glass roof with pearly reflections. This brings a real decorative touch to the space and enlarges the bathroom made narrower by the offset of the partition wall. As a result, the bedroom and the bathroom now share abundant natural light. To meet the demand of customers who wanted an independent toilet, the architect also created a door under curtain for direct access to the toilet. Likewise, a small skylight between the toilet and the bathroom has been drilled so as to bring natural light into the toilet. Modernized with light colors and a sober and refined arrangement, the bathroom is today an intimate space conducive to relaxation.
Estelle Griffe, interior designer