Before / After: Graphic renovation of a two-room apartment of 25m2

Before / After: Graphic renovation of a two-room apartment of 25m2

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In Paris, the architect and interior decorator Géraldine Laferté has successfully accomplished the feat of transforming an ugly little two-room apartment of 25m2 intended for rental into an actual, practical and very graphic apartment. His bias? Bet on a nuanced palette of colors by staging the work of light. After his intervention, place a design universe, which gives pride to curves and clean lines. An exemplary renovation which has not gone unnoticed by the editorial staff. A real source of inspiration! Area: 25 m2 Budget: 25,000 euros

Bring light and volume to spaces

Before: The downside of this small apartment: its lack of light. To meet the owners' very precise specifications and thus restore coherence and brightness to this dilapidated apartment, Géraldine Laferté had no choice but to undertake demolition and reconstruction work.
After: To achieve this, the architect thus knocked down the partition separating the living room from the bedroom and then installed workshop glazing. Inspired by former artists' workshops, this glass partition, made up of black panels, made it possible to intelligently separate spaces while letting the gaze and light pass through. An interesting bias which brings cachet to this apartment formerly without real identity and which allows to keep the friendly spirit of these two open rooms. A backbone of the project, the workshop glazing is also available in the bathroom, which is now fitted with a walk-in shower separated by a partition echoing the canopy of the living room. And, to optimize the space, Géraldine Laferté designed a raised "strip" that hides a toilet, a dressing room and a pretty bathroom in a retro style. All closed by sliding doors and sconces to optimize the space. Similarly, to clear the space and create a more fluid circulation in the living room, the fireplace has been removed. Space is now given to a light layout composed of vintage pieces and more contemporary furniture.

A nuanced decoration

Before: Difficult to realize the real potential of this tired apartment as the decoration is out of fashion. The burgundy shades of the carpet, the garish credenza of the bathroom and the mismatched furniture give an old-fashioned look to the rooms, which immediately seem narrower than they actually are.
After: Difficult to recognize the original apartment once the work is completed! Today, the apartment displays a trendy two-tone style. Furniture, colors, materials coordinate and vibrate the decoration which adopts a gradient of tones ranging from black to light gray through white. Side tables with compass feet, dining table with clean lines, graphic patterns and raspberry colors enhance the sobriety of the living room. The bathroom is adorned with gray and black mosaics, thus allowing to maintain a certain harmony between the spaces. Architect Géraldine Laferté


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