Le Jardin, the pop-up boutique for poetic objects by Des Petits Hauts

Le Jardin, the pop-up boutique for poetic objects by Des Petits Hauts

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From April 17 to June 30, Des Petits Hauts invites us into its summer garden, 5 rue Keller in Paris to discover creations and poetic objects by 10 young artists. Des Petits Hauts takes up its summer quarters by inviting 10 young designers to follow from April 17 to June 30 in a pop-up shop: the collective Les Herbes de Paris, Hélène Lefeuvre, Walkie Talkie, Les Petites Emplettes, Elise Lefebvre, Season Paper, Ben Fiess, Hartland Brooklyn, Caroline Gomez and Après-ski. While Caroline Gomez, whose “slow and travel design” spirit we love so much, will exhibit photos taken in the greenhouse of the botanical garden of Antwerp, Les Petites Emplettes will make us rediscover the pretty objects of everyday life and Elise Lefebvre will delight us with her speckled ceramics… The colors will be pastel, the lines soft and the design refined.

Ben Fiess and his handmade ceramics in Minnesota.

The beautiful graphic cushions from the Walkie Talkie studio.

Les Herbes de Paris chose the plants from the plant shop, Des Petits Hauts customized the pots.

Finally, it is the creative duo Heju that we owe the layout and scenography of the places with outdoor furniture mixing pastel colors, small tiles and lush plants.


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