A selection of trash cans to sort your waste

A selection of trash cans to sort your waste

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Sorting waste is now an integral part of our daily lives. To help us make the right gestures, the decorative signs now offer many models of trash cans to hide in the drawers or on the contrary to display without complex in the kitchen. The editorial team guides you in your choice with its shopping selection!

Sorting takes on a design look!

Outdoor bins encourage us today to separate organic waste from paper or plastic waste, whether it is collective trash in buildings or individual in dwellings. However, sorting is not always done automatically after using the product within the house: when disposing of their waste, some individuals throw everything in a single trash can. Others on the contrary apply to sort their waste but pile up cardboard and paper in a corner of the kitchen, which is not ultimately very aesthetic ... The good idea to remedy these problems? Equip yourself with selective sorting bins! Many brands indeed offer small bins, often very decorative, to make the right gestures in the house. If some offer few compartments, others are very complete and allow to sort all kinds of waste. From the simplest to the most design, the recycling bin today represents a real decorative asset in the home!

Choose the right model

You can play with the sizes by choosing small formats to put the boxes or the glass, supplemented by a large bin for the rest of the waste. Other variants, opt for a generously sized bin with several compartments, or the XXL kraft bag for paper and cardboard packaging, very trendy at the moment in Scandinavian style interiors! There are also trash cans that slide directly into the large drawers to unclutter the floor space. All you have to do is choose the model that suits you best from our favorite selection:
1. Wesco retro "Push Two" bin 153.43 € Amazon / 2. Joseph Joseph sorting bin 229 € La Redoute / 3. Brabantia "Twin bin" bin 147.91 € Amazon / 4. "Trio" pedal bin Curver € 58.54 Amazon / 5. Hailo S-Box bin € 99.20 Amazon / 6. MSV selective sorting bin € 40.67 Amazon / 7. Retro food bin € 35.75 Manutan / 8. Metal collector for sorting selective € 265.34 Trash-Pro / 9. Gala sorting trash € 229.99 Zendart Design / 10. Pedal trash with small Brabantia organic bin € 61.25 Manutan